Want to sell on the swanky? Learn how to…

Swanky is platform where you don’t need official documents to prove your creativity.

If any fashion designer has creativity and experience to create unique and stylish outfits can be seller of the swanky. For that you need to follow some steps…

  1. Create your account in the Become a Vendor, You can create your account after login also. Just access it from my account of the swanky and join as a vendor in swanky.
  2. After that you can put products into swanky, You will be able to put your designed outfits in the swanky. But remember you should follow structure of the images, and description. (Guideline of product listing)
  3. Your products will examine by the swanky and conform it, Swanky has security to display product, security is kept for management of the structure and proper design of the swanky. So, we’ll examine your product and give opportunity to display on swanky
  4. Hurrey!  you’re displaying your product on swanky. After swanky examine completion you’ll see your products in swanky shop page.

Now, you are on swanky platform, and if someone saws interest or buy product then you will be notifying for it.

If once you notify you should keep your product ready, our person will come to pick up and deliver it as safe as possible.

Once we deliver your product you’ll get your money of the product. T&C applies…

If you feel any issues into it you can mail us on info@webswanky.com