Guideline for Product Listing

Swanky is structured platform, where all of the products in the swanky should be in the same manner or structure. Here is some guideline of the swanky for product listing that you should follow for the effective product display and maintain structure.  

Here swanky explore some guidance for each section of the product listing. Sections includes Images, Description, Tags, Categories, Attributes, SEO. First read whole things and see demo product listing. Here is the link of that page where you can observe and practically implement structure. https://webswanky.com/index.php/product-category/demo-product/

Read guidelines and follow it during product listing; and If some of your tag/category/attribute is not available in swanky then you can mail us document of the missing tag/category/attribute with subject of add this tag/category/attribute.

Our team will add your missing part as soon as possible. So, you can procedure further.


1. Images


 Images should have 720*960 (Height*width) size of the image


 Images should have white or grey effect. You can choose between white and grey, white + grey.

>Use shadows:

                People can use shadows of the model in the images. But shadows wouldn’t be too much dark or too much eye-catchy.

>Background content:

                Background should not have content. If you are using some products for pose, then make sure that It would not cover large area of the background. It would be smaller as possible.

                You can use tables, chairs, flowerpot in your background.

                You can’t use home structure or images which shows your home designs

> Closer look of your product       

                You should put at least one image which have closer look of your image; as seen in the demo (under this). Which explore your material of the product in image. Reason behind this images is that customer should understand which material of the product is. So, this type of image will help customer a lot to identify right material.

2. Description


                Description of the product listing would be in the point wise. Describe things in the proper points. And point shouldn’t be more then 5 or 6.


                Language of the description would be easy and simple, that customer can read easily & understand exactly what you want to describe.

                You can’t use negative and sensual words in the description.

>Give info about your material and usability

                Your description should have things mention that

1. in which material this outfit or clothe is manufactured;

2. Technique for dry cleaning or washing.

3. Tags

Tags is the part which help to the customer to reach to the designs or outfits which have some similar characteristics of your designs or outfits have.

                You can say keyword also which connect to characteristic of the product.

                Such as, there are lot of shirts with lot of color and designs are available in the swanky. If you have selected one shirt with dotted print, and want to see some more shirts similar to that…. You should have one option to show them all dotted print shirts in minimum steps and maximum designs. So, tag would help customer to reach there.

                In the you should mention your product fabric/material (Eg: Polyster, cotton, etc…)

4. Categories

You should select your exact category of the product and parent category of the product during listing.

                Such as, you have t-shirts to sell in swanky. So, you should select first T-shirt category and then select casual’s category, then select Men/Women category.

5. Attributes

Attributes are the part which describe your product in exact and clear cut manner. You should select some attributes during listing…

                Attributes would be like

                Brand: Which brand’s product is

                Color: Color of the product

                Pattern: Pattern of the product

                Material: material of the product