Want to sell on the swanky? Learn how to…

Swanky is platform where you don’t need official documents to prove your creativity.

We just observe that you should have creativity to design unique outfits which follows trends and and enhance look of the people. If you’re the one who can make that then you have a great welcome in the team of swanky.

Swanky is platform which help young fashion designers and creators to reach to the exact target audience. In the swanky you can sell your products and get order for customization. Just follow few steps to join team of swanky and get opportunity to make yourself brand & expand your awareness.

Look forward to understand how you can sell on the swanky, here is that few steps…

  1. Register yourself as a vendor: Do register yourself by click on “Become a vendor” from My Account Page. When you apply for a vendor, you’ll get examined by the team of the swanky and then after you’ll get grant of list, manage and display your products.
  2. Enter store details & Proceed to display products: Once you get verification mail from the swanky you have to fill yours and your store details to create your store. After you created your store you can start listing your product from your store-manager. (My-account > Store-manager > Products > Add product)
  3. Ready to sell: Whenever you complete your product listing then tap on the “Submit” to proceed further. Our team of product management will once look through it and approve that to display on shop page.

Let’s have a glance on further things which will help you to walk on the flow

  • You’ll get notified every time when someone will either place an order or do an inquiry.
  • Once you get notified, keep yourself up to date at that time; Any other thing will managed by our staff or team members.

If you feel any issues you can mail us on info@webswanky.com